HR Horsepower’s Vision Statement

HR Horsepower strives to be the leading human resource consulting and employee leasing business in our marketplace, and the most respected company in our field, with an outstanding reputation for consistently demonstrating moral excellence.

What is HR Horsepower?

HR Horsepower is a company that assumes the role of a human resource department external to your business. We are a human resource consulting and employee leasing company. Not only do we specialize in setting up the human resource infrastructure that makes sense for your business, but we have the ability, knowledge, expertise, resources and power to function as the offsite human resource department for your business.

When was HR Horsepower established?

The company was founded in 2008 by Peg Senese, BA, PHR.

Where is HR Horsepower based?

HR Horsepower is based in Collier County Florida servicing this and the surrounding area.

How does HR Horsepower work?

HR Horsepower assumes human resource related administrative burdens, legal responsibilities, and corresponding liabilities for your business. We identify weaknesses, provide guidance, develop policies and execute strategies on an ongoing basis. HR Horsepower notes relevant changes in employment law and business governing the employer-employee relationship, and we use our expertise to recognize and adopt these changes, ensuring legal compliance and elevating the status quo.

Offering just about every human resource service imaginable, HR Horsepower can confidently provide professional, top quality, complete human resource services to your business and your employees, better, more economically and more effectively than anyone else can. We will support your company’s mission, vision, values, goals, objectives and ethics. HR Horsepower understands well the necessity of keeping your business legally compliant, as well as the importance of keeping your employees happy. We are experts at both.

Why HR Horsepower?

HR Horsepower mitigates your employment risks by taking legal responsibility for your employees, so you have more time to focus on your day-to-day business demands. We will:
  • Ensure legal compliance
  • Reduce your exposure
  • Handle administrative burdens
  • Move problem employees out of your organization
  • Staff with highly motivated employees
  • Reduce turnover
  • Ensure that every employee who works for you feels proud to be associated with your business
  • Give the gift of time back to you
We will ensure that the top ten human resource management functions are secured:
  1. Comply with legally mandated hiring and employment practices.
  2. Develop employees and diversify workforce.
  3. Maintain competitive pay and benefit package.
  4. Value work/family life balance.
  5. Understand that employees are the most valuable asset.
  6. Demand discrimination free work environment.
  7. Manage performance issues.
  8. Secure confidential information.
  9. Create consistent policies and procedures.
  10. Comply with legally mandated filing and record keeping requirements.


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